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Dental Care In Spain

How do you find dentists in Spain and how does the Spanish system of dental care function?

Although people who are members of EU states are entitled to free medical care under a National Health system in Spain (depending on certain factors) this treatment does not include any dental procedures. However, anyone who has a dental emergency while living or holidaying in Spain should immediately visit their nearest Spanish hospital. The majority of hospitals in Spain have an emergency dentist on staff who will be able to treat you, although you will be required to pay for your treatment, either by cash or card, or through your private Spanish dental insurance.

Even workers in Spain who contribute to the Spanish social security system are required to pay for dental treatment, although it is possible to invest in a private health scheme which will also cover dental work. There is absolutely no free dental treatment in Spain, although other medical emergencies are treated for free if you are an EU national.

If you have travel insurance, and are travelling through Spain or staying in the country on holiday, you may be covered for dental treatment under the terms of your policy, however every insurer offers a different level of cover so you will need to check which treatment types can be paid for. Usually, when you have a travel insurance policy, you will need to pay for any dental treatment up front while in the surgery and then claim the money back from your insurer later.

How Much Does Dental Treatment In Spain Cost?

The cost of dental treatment is generally considered to be lower in Spain than in the UK and in fact, it is not unknown for UK citizens to actually travel to Spain specifically to receive dental treatment at a lower cost than at home. Standards of treatment are high and are considered to be extremely safe. The average cost of a white filling can range from 60 to 80 Euros depending on size and complexity, while a home bleaching tooth whitening treatment can cost around 200 euros and a standard check up will set you back around 60 euros, however this will also include x rays and cleaning.

Entitlement To Emergency Dental Care In Spain

Anyone holidaying in Spain who finds that they need emergency dental care will almost certainly discover that they are required to pay for their treatment, or claim a refund from their insurer at a later date. Some insurance policies do not cover dental treatment, so you should check for coverage.

There is nothing to worry about if you need dental treatment in Spain as dentists are well trained, efficient and have access to all the best and most cutting edge technology. The Spanish dental care system is private and therefore there is plenty of competition, boosting the quality of care you will receive.

Commonly Found Dental Treatments In Spain

You are likely to be able to find a broad range of treatments offered by Spanish dentists including bonding, botox, dentures, enamel shaping, contouring of gums, dental implants, supply of removable appliances like mouth guards, sealants, fitting of veneers and tooth whitening as well as the full range of standard services like check ups, x rays, cleaning and fillings. Cosmetic dentistry is also widely available.

How To Find An English Speaking Dentist

If you want to find a dentist in Spain who speaks your language you should try to get a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance, however adverts also appear in local newspapers and in the local Yellow Pages. There are also many English or English speaking dentists in the Costa Blanca area who once practised in their home country.

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