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Healthcare In Spain – What You Need to Know

Laws regarding health and expats have changed over the last few years in a bid to put a stop to “healthcare tourism” as foreigners come to the country for treatment because of the high standards maintained in Spanish hospitals, when they are in fact not living in the country full-time.

Understandably the Spanish government is concerned the healthcare system will become overloaded and underfunded if they are to provide care for newcomers in the country who have never paid into the Spanish system.

So before moving to Spain you must make sure you know exactly what healthcare you will be entitled to in Spain, and what you may end up paying per month for private insurance if you are not entitled to state care.

You should also be aware that although the Spanish healthcare system is excellent compared to most countries including the UK, families are expected to perform a certain amount of duties for patients in hospital.

Therefore if you’re an elderly person considering moving to Spain alone, you need to think very carefully because if you find yourself in hospital you could also find the staff unwilling to meet all your needs and you would have to arrange for a private person to take care of you.

There is also the problem of the language barrier when it comes to healthcare – while many healthcare professionals in Spain will speak English, you will probably need to have a translator along with you on doctor visits if your Spanish is not up to an intermediate standard.

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