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Spanish Government Plans to Allocate 400,000 New Residence Permits to UK Nationals After Brexit

The UK nationals in Spain remain worried about their future should there be a hard Brexit. But the Spanish government through their prime minister, Pedro Sanchez, has announced the new proposed residency plan. According to this plan, over 400,000 British nationals will be given a new residential deal by the PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers Party) government, if the UK leaves the EU without any promises for future relations between the UK and countries which remain members of the EU.

All Britons in Spain will be given at most two years to apply for a Foreign Identity Card. For those with permanent residency, the process will be practically automatic. But for the remaining, there will be additional steps that they have to undergo.

The new plan extends to Gibraltar, but it indicates that in case of any future arrangements between Brussels and London, Spain will have the right to reject the state of affairs of the rock as it currently stands.

However, the plan is only to be active, if both countries agree to the new deal. All British citizens, as well as business people in Spain, will only enjoy all the advantages of this ruling if the same is applied to Spanish citizens living in Britain, and those who live in Campo de Gibraltar, and cross into Gibraltar daily for working purposes.

The entitlements for British people who stay in Spain will not be affected by the new plan. But that’ll depend on how the Spaniards in Britain are being treated. Any benefits given to UK nationals by the Spanish government will be equal to those offered to Spain workers in the UK.

Something else to note is that those Britons civil servants who got their jobs with the Spanish government while Britain was still part of the union, will retain their positions.

The plan does not, however, address anything to with trade. But most probably, there will be new customs regulations put in place to prevent an increase in workload if there is no deal. Should that happen, British products will be considered third-country goods, and hence traders will pay taxes and required additional documents.

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