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Would you like to advertise your property/properties for sale or rent in Spain on our website? We offer some great advertising packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?
  • We use XMLs feeds which import properties from your website on to ours. If you do not have an XML feed to import the properties from your website, we can set one up for you for a small one-off fee.
  • Are the properties updated immediately?
  • No. Our system refreshes your data every morning at 04:00AM GMT.
  • Is there a minimum contract period?
  • Yes. There is a minimum contract period of 3 months.

Top reasons you should list your properties on Let’s Buy In Spain:

  • Get your portfolio seen by an extremely targeted audience of Spanish real estate hunters primarily located in the UK, France & Germany
  • Target buyers who are also sellers – many of our property searchers also have their current Spanish home to sell
  • Connect with a huge market – In 2015, it is estimated 28% of new expat owners in Spain found their home from searching on a property portal
  • Take this opportunity to advertise your properties on a portal that is only open to full-service, office-based estate and lettings agents (Let’s Buy In Spain is not a portal for private sellers)
  • Once uploaded, your properties will be sent instantly to hundreds of users who have created email alerts

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